Friday, April 15, 2011

Richard Dawkins Interviews Creationist Wendy Wright Video

This is the complete 7 segment video of Evolutionist Richard Dawkins interviewing the Creationist Wendy Wright. I am shocked at how passive Richard Dawkins is when dealing with a complete moron! The first time I watched these videos, it took all my strength not to throw a brick through my TV! Wendy Wright ignores every fact and answer that Richard Dawkins presents.

She says that Evolution has no answers to 'missing links,' and he explains more than enough transitional species, yet she completely ignores him! She asks him to, "Show it to me, show me the bones, show me the carcass, and show me the evidence of the in-between stage from one species to the other." She goes on to say that if there were intermediates, the Smithsonian would be filled with them. That if Evolutionist had these intermediates they would be shown in museums, not just in illustrations.

Dawkins of course tells her that of course there are these intermediates and that the Smithsonian is full of them! Yet she keeps saying that the evidence is lacking; no matter how much evidence he tells her. I find it funny and sad that she keeps saying that if proof of evolution existed it would be in the Smithsonian. She claims she has been to the museums; however I don’t believe it because the Smithsonian has a great exhibit about the intermediates and evolution in general. The following is from the Smithsonian website, for those of you that are not lucky enough to go in person, they have it online as well.

The David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins offers visitors an immersive, interactive journey through 6 million years of scientific evidence for human origins and the stories of survival and extinction in our family tree during times of dramatic climate instability.

“The David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins uses Smithsonian science as a foundation to help appreciate our own unique development as human beings,” said Cristián Samper, director of the Museum. “The opening of this hall represents one of the most significant public and scientific achievements in the 100-year history of the museum. Our goal is to provide visitors and online guests with an exciting educational experience that will encourage them to explore for themselves the scientific discoveries about what it means to be human.”

On entering the 15,000-square-foot Hall of Human Origins exhibition from the Sant Ocean Hall, travel back through time through a time tunnel depicting life and environmental change over the past 6 million years. Connect with your distant ancestors at the Hall’s life-size forensically reconstructed faces of early human species and learn about major milestones in the origins of human beings.

-The Smithsonian Institution’s Human Origins Program

Explore actual archaeological field sites at interactive snapshots in time, examine over 75 cast reproductions of real skulls from around the world, engage with an interactive family tree showcasing 6 million years of evolutionary evidence from around the world, and address pressing questions and issues surrounding climate change and humans’ impact on the Earth in the “One Species Living Worldwide” theatre and the “Changing the World” gallery. I warn you that this is one of the most aggravating interviews I have ever seen, so try to meditate before you watch it or you might, end up having your brain explode. Everyone says that Dawkins tries to push Atheism on people, but this video shows how passive he is. I have no clue how he did not start yelling at her! He must be one of the most patient men in the world! I hope you find it informative and keep your blood pressure down.

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  1. Crap that's painful to watch. "No, there are no fossils in the museums. No, I've been to the museum and haven't seen any fossils." I'd love to see Dawkins & camera crew drag this bitch to a museum and say "There you are."